The Stray Birds, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based acoustic trio with rich vocal harmonies, had the most reported airplay on folk radio in September 2012, according to charts compiled by Richard Gillmann from radio playlists submitted to FOLKDJ-L, an electronic discussion group for DJs and others interested in all folk-based music on the radio. The Stray Birds’ debut full-length CD topped the albums chart, while also sporting the #1 most-played song – “Dream in Blue.”

The September 2012 charts are based on 12,117 airplays from 142 different DJs. The number of spins (airplays) is shown in parentheses.

Top Albums of September 2012

1: “The Stray Birds,” The Stray Birds [, new] (91)
“Dream In Blue”
“Just Sayin”
“My Brother’s Hill”
2: “Reunion,” Lucy Kaplansky [Red House, new] (72)
“This Morning I Am Born Again”
“Beauty Way”
“I’m Looking Through You”
3: “Walls That Talk,” Roy Schneider [Shiny Gnu, new] (69)
“Soldier’s Joy”
“Fill The Well”
“Long Time Gone”
3: “When We Get To Shore,” Coty Hogue [Perpetual Hoedown, 8/12] (69)
“Going To The West”
“Handsome Molly”
“I’m On Fire”
“Second Hand News”
5: “Red Apples And Gold,” Gathering Time [, 5/12] (67)
“Red Apples And Gold”
“Family Tree”
“Sweet Cider”
“Path That’s Right For You”
6: “These Old Dark Hills,” Robin And Linda Williams [Red House, 8/12] (62)
“Storms Never Last”
“Tessie Mae”
“These Old Dark Hills”
7: “Depending On The Distance,” Jimmy LaFave [Music Road, 9/12] (57)
“Land Of Hope And Dreams”
“Bring Back The Trains”
“Tomorrow Is A Long Time”
“Clear Blue Sky”
8: “Camilla,” Caroline Herring [Signature, 8/12] (53)
“Black Mountain Lullaby”
“Traveling Shoes”
“Maiden Voyage”
9: “Mercy For The Dispossessed,” Geoff Bartley [Magic Crow, 7/12] (46)
“Everything’s 4 Sale”
“Long Way Down To Harlan”
“Mercy For The Dispossessed”
“Past Is Dead And Gone”
10: “Waves,” Milkdrive [, 6/12] (43)
“Gulf Road”
“Dear Prudence”
11: “Pete Remembers Woody,” Pete Seeger And Friends [Appleseed, new] (42)
“Woody’s Ghost – Part 1,” David Bernz
“66 Highway Blues,” Pete Seeger And Arlo Guthrie
“New York Town,” Woody Guthrie And Cisco Houston
11: “Trouble I Wrought,” Bobtown [, 8/12] (42)
“Don’t Fear The Reaper”
“Skipping Stone”
“Battle Creek”
13: “American Hornpipe,” Dana And Susan Robinson [Threshold, 6/12] (40)
“When This Old Hat Was New”
“Farmer’s Market A-Z”
14: “Brambles And Thorns,” John Wort Hannam [Borealis, new] (39)
“Poor Man”
“Great Lakes”
“Beautiful Friend”
15: “The Hills Of Ithaca,” The Burns Sisters [Sisters, 7/12] (38)
“The Hills Of Ithaca”
“Prisoner Of The Promised Land”
15: “Outshine The Sun,” The Foghorn String Band [, new] (38)
“Be Kind To A Man While He’s Down”
“Homestead On The Farm”
17: “Delta Time,” Hans Theessink & Terry Evans [Blue Groove, new] (37)
“Delta Time”
“How Come People Act Like That”
17: “Release Your Shrouds,” Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys [Earthwork, 6/12] (37)
“Leaves Are Changin”
“My Side Of The Mountain”
“Lemon Squeezy”
19: “Silver Lining,” The Honey Dewdrops [, 6/12] (35)
“No More Trouble”
“Let Me Sing”
“One Kind Word”
20: “America Come Home,” Joel Rafael [Inside, 7/12] (34)
“America Come Home”
“Indian Summer”
“Dance Around My Atom Fire”
20: “Caravan,” Burns And Kristy [Trespass, 6/12] (34)
“Runaway Train”
“Blue Paper Boat”
“Standing Like A Tree”
20: “Tempest,” Bob Dylan [Columbia, new] (34)
“Duquesne Whistle”
“Scarlet Town”
“Soon After Midnight”
23: “Somewhere Along The Road,” Runa [, 7/12] (31)
“Maid That Sold Her Barley”
“Dreadful End Of Marianna For Sorcery”
23: “We’re Usually A Lot Better Than This,” Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott [Full Light, new] (31)
“House Of Gold”
“Climbing Up A Mountain”
“Early Morning Rain”
25: “Circus Heart,” Rebecca Loebe [Black Wolf, new] (30)
“High And Lonesome”
“Chicago Kid”
26: “Ashes And Roses,” Mary Chapin Carpenter [Zoe, 6/12] (29)
“Chasing What’s Already Gone”
“I Tried Going West”
26: “Hundred Dollar Valentine,” Chris Smither [Signature, 6/12] (29)
“What They Say”
“Hundred Dollar Valentine”
“Place In Line”
26: “A More Perfect Union,” Pete Seeger And Lorre Wyatt [Appleseed, new] (29)
“God’s Counting On Me”
“Keep The Flame Alive”
“Old Apples”
29: “End Of The World,” David Greenberg And Harpeth Rising [Grimm Rising, 7/12] (28)
“Goin’ My Way”
30: “Calling Me Home,” Kathy Mattea [Sugar Hill, new] (27)
“Gone, Gonna Rise Again”
“Black Waters”
31: “Shiver Into Spark,” Otter Creek [, new] (26)
“Shiver Into Spark”
“Ashokan Farewell”
32: “Vicksburg Blues,” Butch Thompson And Pat Donohue [Red House, 8/12] (25)
“Midnight Hour Blues”
“Workingman Blues”
33: “Carry Me Back,” Old Crow Medicine Show [ATO, 7/12] (24)
“We Don’t Grow Tobacco”
“Bootlegger’s Boy”
33: “Folk Remedies,” Steve Spurgin [Blue Night, 7/12] (24)
“Carolina In The Fall”
“Long Gone”
33: “Open Book,” Marci Geller [Sonic Underground, new] (24)
“Awakened Mind”
“Jack Sang On”
“No Weather Down”
33: “Wilderness Songs And Bad Man Ballads,” Tim Grimm [Vault, 8/11] (24)
“Salt And Bullets”
33: “You Don’t Know Me,” Erin Thomas [Sound Artist, 4/12] (24)
“Think About It”
“You Don’t Know Me”
38: “Find The One,” The Coal Porters [Prima, 9/12] (23)
“Barefoot On The Courthouse Lawn”
“Paint It Black”
38: “Letters From The Road,” Neptune’s Car [, 7/12] (23)
“Flashing In The Dark”
“Boxcar Betty”
38: “Noble Stranger,” Nuala Kennedy [Compass, new] (23)
“Matt Hyland”
38: “Rise,” Annabelle Chvostek [Borealis, new] (23)
“Fox Tail”
“End Of The Road”
42: “Between The Breaks…Live!,” Stan Rogers [Fogarty’s Cove, 1979] (22)
“White Collar Holler”
“Mary Ellen Carter”
42: “Love Remembered, Love Forgot,” Buskin And Batteau [Nouveau Retro, 8/12] (22)
“In This Light”
“Single Wing”
42: “Old Gold,” Zoe Muth And The Lost High Rollers [Signature, 7/12] (22)
“Heart Like A Wheel”
“Maureen, Maureen”
42: “Pay It Forward,” Kilmarnock Edition [Greentrax, 8/12] (22)
“Women O The Earth”
42: “Sing The Delta,” Iris DeMent [Flariella, new] (22)
“Go On Ahead And Go Home”
“Sing The Delta”
47: “The Promise Of Friday Night,” Twangtown Paramours [Inside Edge, 7/12] (20)
“All The Love I Can Stand”
48: “Last Call!,” Liam Fitzgerald And The Rainieros [, new] (19)
“Let’s Go Out Tonight”
“I Don’t Know Why”
49: “Election Special,” Ry Cooder [Nonesuch, 8/12] (18)
“90 And The 9”
“Going To Tampa”
49: “Music To My Ears,” Ricky Skaggs [Skaggs Family, new] (18)
“Tennessee Stud”
“You Can’t Hurt Ham”
49: “Red Ducks,” Pesky J. Nixon [, 5/12] (18)
“Talk About Heaven”
49: “Woody At 100: The Woody Guthrie Centennial Collection,” Woody Guthrie [Smithsonian/Folkways, 7/12] (18)
“I Ain’t Got No Home”
“Pastures Of Plenty”
53: “Mid Life Vices,” The Four Bitchin’ Babes [Hem And Haw, new] (17)
“Hungarian Hormonal Rhapsody”
53: “Turnaround,” Stan Rogers [Fogarty’s Cove, 1978] (17)
“Dark Eyed Molly”
53: “Walk With Me,” The Kickin Grass Band [Superfan, 7/12] (17)
“No One Can Live Forever”
56: “Closer Than You Know,” The Kennedys [Planned Effervescence, 8/12] (16)
“Cradle To A Boat”
“Rhyme And Reason”
56: “Monticello,” The Hard Road Trio [Desert Night, 6/12] (16)
“Crack In The Sky”
“Family Secrets”
56: “The Plum Tree And The Rose,” Sarah McQuaid [Waterbug, 3/12] (16)
“Lift You Up And Let You Fly”
56: “Revolutions Per Minute,” Emma’s Revolution [Moving Forward, 11/11] (16)
“Occupy The Usa”
“Stand Together”
56: “Traveler,” Jerry Douglas [Entertainment One, 6/12] (16)
“American Tune/Spain”
“King Silkie”
56: “Voices From The Other Side,” Sandy Cash [Self, new] (16)
“Banks Of Freedom”
62: “Two Birds,” Grace Pettis [Blue Rock, new] (15)
“You Are The Cowboy”
62: “Among Friends,” Debra Cowan [Muzzzy House, new] (15)
“One More Before We Go”
62: “The Beloved Country,” Kevin Brown [Turkey King, 6/12] (15)
62: “Blanco Sessions,” Janis Martin [Cow Island, new] (15)
“As Long As I’m Movin”
66: “Gravity,” Moors & McCumber [, 5/12] (14)
“Nothing But Blue”
66: “Intersection,” Nanci Griffith [Hell No, 4/12] (14)
“Bethlehem Steel”
“High On A Mountain Top”
66: “Little Blue Egg,” Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer [Red House, 2/12] (14)
“Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key”
“September Sea”
66: “Satellite,” Anna Dagmar [, 6/12] (14)
“So I Chased The Setting Sun”
“Keep On Moving”
66: “The Time Jumpers,” The Time Jumpers [Rounder, new] (14)
“Yodel Blues”
66: “You’re Getting Sleepy,” Roy Zimmerman [Metaphor, 10/11] (14)
“Unions Are To Blame”

Top Songs of September 2012

1. “Dream In Blue” (28)
by The Stray Birds
from “The Stray Birds”
2. “This Morning I Am Born Again” (15)
by Lucy Kaplansky
from “Reunion”
3. “Signs” (14)
by Roy Schneider
from “Walls That Talk”
4. “Red Apples And Gold” (13)
by Gathering Time
from “Red Apples And Gold”
5. “Delta Time” (12)
by Hans Theessink & Terry Evans
from “Delta Time”
5. “Everything’s 4 Sale” (12)
by Geoff Bartley
from “Mercy For The Dispossessed”
5. “Land Of Hope And Dreams” (12)
by Jimmy LaFave
from “Depending On The Distance”
5. “What They Say” (12)
by Chris Smither
from “Hundred Dollar Valentine”
9. “Beauty Way” (11)
by Lucy Kaplansky
from “Reunion”
9. “Going To The West” (11)
by Coty Hogue
from “When We Get To Shore”
11. “Arizona” (10)
by Robin And Linda Williams
from “These Old Dark Hills”
11. “Duquesne Whistle” (10)
by Bob Dylan
from “Tempest”
11. “I’m Looking Through You” (10)
by Lucy Kaplansky
from “Reunion”
11. “Scavenger” (10)
by Lucy Kaplansky
from “Reunion”
11. “Second Hand News” (10)
by Coty Hogue
from “When We Get To Shore”
16. “Be Kind To A Man While He’s Down” (9)
by The Foghorn String Band
from “Outshine The Sun”
16. “Black Mountain Lullaby” (9)
by Caroline Herring
from “Camilla”
16. “Bring Back The Trains” (9)
by Jimmy LaFave
from “Depending On The Distance”
16. “Climbing Up A Mountain” (9)
by Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott
from “We’re Usually A Lot Better Than This”
16. “Don’t Fear The Reaper” (9)
by Bobtown
from “Trouble I Wrought”
16. “Family Tree” (9)
by Gathering Time
from “Red Apples And Gold”
16. “God’s Counting On Me” (9)
by Pete Seeger And Lorre Wyatt
from “A More Perfect Union”
16. “Gulf Road” (9)
by Milkdrive
from “Waves”
16. “Handsome Molly” (9)
by Coty Hogue
from “When We Get To Shore”
16. “The Hills Of Ithaca” (9)
by The Burns Sisters
from “The Hills Of Ithaca”
16. “I’m On Fire” (9)
by Coty Hogue
from “When We Get To Shore”
16. “Jonah” (9)
by Coty Hogue
from “When We Get To Shore”
16. “Leaves Are Changin” (9)
by Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys
from “Release Your Shrouds”
16. “Long Time Gone” (9)
by Tim O’Brien And Darrell Scott
from “We’re Usually A Lot Better”
16. “My Brother’s Hill” (9)
by The Stray Birds
from “The Stray Birds”
16. “Storms Never Last” (9)
by Robin And Linda Williams
from “These Old Dark Hills”
16. “Sweet Cider” (9)
by Gathering Time
from “Red Apples And Gold”
16. “White Collar Holler” (9)
by Stan Rogers
from “Between The Breaks…Live!”