Chris Brashear’s Heart of the Country, Annie Lou’s Grandma’s Rules for Drinking and Iris DeMent’s Sing the Delta were reportedly the most played albums on folk radio during November 2012, according to charts compiled by Richard Gillmann from radio playlists submitted to FOLKDJ-L, an electronic discussion group for DJs and others interested in all folk-based music on the radio. The title track of Canadian singer-songwriter Annie Lou’s new CD also was the most-played song, closely followed by Anne Hills’ rendition of “Early Snow” from The Things I Notice Now: Anne Hills Sings the Songs of Tom Paxton.

The November 2012 FOLKDJ-L charts are based on 11,653 airplays from 144 different DJs. The number of reported spins (airplays) is shown in parentheses.

Top Albums of November 2012

1: “Heart Of The Country,” Chris Brashear [Dog Boy, 9/12] (57)
“Mama’s Opry”
“Time The Perfect Stranger”
“Old Pueblo”
“Today I Saw The Longest Train”
2: “Grandma’s Rules For Drinking,” Annie Lou [, 6/12] (56)
“Grandma’s Rules For Drinking”
“Plaid Parade”
“Teach Me To Dance”
2: “Sing The Delta,” Iris DeMent [Flariella, 10/12] (56)
“Go On Ahead And Go Home”
“Before The Colors Fade”
“Makin’ My Way Back Home”
4: “Little Pilgrim,” Jory Nash [Thin Man, 11/12] (53)
“Best Of Your Heart”
“Helicopters Circling”
“Take Me Back To Monticello”
5: “Tender Is The Night,” Old Man Luedecke [True North, 11/12] (52)
“Jonah And The Whale”
“Kingdom Come”
“Little Stream Of Whiskey”
6: “Our Lady Of The Tall Trees,” Cahalen Morrison And Eli West [, 9/12] (49)
“Our Lady Of The Tall Trees”
“Stone To Sand”
7: “Reunion,” Lucy Kaplansky [Red House, 9/12] (48)
“I’m Looking Through You”
“Life Is Beautiful”
8: “The Same Way Down,” Annalivia [, 9/12] (45)
“False Sir John”
“Turtle Dove”
“Bright Sunny South”
9: “The Things I Notice Now: Anne Hills Sings the Songs of Tom Paxton,” Anne Hills [Appleseed, new] (43)
“Early Snow”
“Things I Notice Now”
“Hold On To Me, Babe”
10: “The Stray Birds,” The Stray Birds [, 9/12] (42)
“Dream In Blue”
“Railroad Man”
11: “American Hornpipe,” Dana And Susan Robinson [Threshold, 6/12] (40)
“Raleigh And Spencer”
“Who Killed Cock Robin”
12: “Prelude,” Ronstadt Generations [, 10/12] (39)
“For What It’s Worth”
“Find The Cost Of Freedom”
“Malaguena Salerosa”
12: “What We Lost,” Ben Bedford [Waterbug, 9/12] (39)
“What We Lost”
“Empty Sky”
14: “Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts,” Linda McRae [42rpm, 5/12] (34)
“Be Your Own Light”
“Hope It Lasts Through Supper”
“Rough Edges And Ragged Hearts”
15: “Outshine The Sun,” The Foghorn String Band [, 9/12] (32)
“Whoa Mule”
“Just A Few Old Memories”
16: “Pete Remembers Woody,” Pete Seeger And Friends [Appleseed, 9/12] (30)
“This Machine Kills Fascists”
17: “Beneath Some Lucky Star,” Bill Staines [Red House, 10/12] (29)
“Salt Air”
“Along The Road”
“If I Come To Need An Angel”
18: “Heartstrings,” Suzie Brown [, 5/11] (28)
“Long Monday”
“Urge For Going”
18: “When We Get To Shore,” Coty Hogue [Perpetual Hoedown, 8/12] (28)
“Going To The West”
“Motherless Children”
20: “Scrimshaw,” Nels Andrews [, 4/12] (27)
“Small Victories”
21: “Delta Time,” Hans Theessink & Terry Evans [Blue Groove, 9/12] (26)
“Build Myself A Home”
“Delta Time”
22: “Brambles And Thorns,” John Wort Hannam [Borealis, 10/12] (25)
“Great Lakes”
“Poor Man”
22: “Walls That Talk,” Roy Schneider [Shiny Gnu, 9/12] (25)
“Soldier’s Joy 1864/ Cedar Ridge”
“Walls That Talk”
24: “Blue Clouds,” Elizabeth Mitchell [Smithsonian/Folkways, new] (24)
“Blue Sky”
24: “Calling Me Home,” Kathy Mattea [Sugar Hill, 9/12] (24)
“Gone, Gonna Rise Again”
“Hello, My Name Is Coal”
24: “Red Apples And Gold,” Gathering Time [, 5/12] (24)
“Sweet Cider”
“Path That’s Right For You”
27: “Building Characters,” Todd Burge [Bunj Jam, 4/12] (22)
“Blue Monday”
“Listening To A Woody Guthrie Tune”
27: “Home Sweet Home,” Amy White [Fairewood, 10/12] (22)
“Home Sweet Home”
“Salt Of The Earth”
27: “Kindred Spirits: A Collection,” Carrie Newcomer [Rounder, new] (22)
“Betty’s Diner”
“Gathering Of Spirits”
27: “Rise,” Annabelle Chvostek [Borealis, 9/12] (22)
“G20 Song”
31: “Empty Seat On A Plane,” Jesse Terry [, 7/12] (21)
“Grace On A Train”
“Empty Seat On A Plane”
31: “King Fisher King,” Sons Of The Never Wrong [Waterbug, 11/12] (21)
31: “Silver Lining,” The Honey Dewdrops [, 6/12] (21)
“One Kind Word”
31: “These Old Dark Hills,” Robin And Linda Williams [Red House, 8/12] (21)
31: “Time,” Kathy Kallick Band [Live Oak, 8/12] (21)
“Fare Thee Well”
36: “Camilla,” Caroline Herring [Signature, 8/12] (20)
“Black Mountain Lullaby”
36: “New Siberia,” Antje Duvekot [, 4/12] (20)
“Sleepy Sea Of Indigo And Blue”
“Into The City”
36: “Trouble I Wrought,” Bobtown [, 8/12] (20)
“Burn Your Building Down”
“Flood Water Rising”
39: “Among Friends,” Debra Cowan [Muzzzy House, 8/12] (19)
“Cold Day In November”
“Good Fish Chowder”
39: “Release Your Shrouds,” Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys [Earthwork, 6/12] (19)
“All Day”
“Hat’s Off”
39: “Simply,” Jay Psaros [, 7/12] (19)
“Right Next To Me”
“Cowboy Song”
39: “Wreck And Ruin,” Kasey Chambers And Shane Nicholson [Sugar Hill, new] (19)
“Adam And Eve”
43: “The Goat Rodeo Sessions,” Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile [Sony, 11/11] (18)
“Fiddle Medley”
43: “Trouble In The Fields,” Various Artists [Paradiddle, 10/12] (18)
“Lookin’ For The Time,” Red Molly
“Gulf Coast Highway,” Tracy Grammer And Jim Henry
45: “Catz Of The Colosseum,” Jon Vezner [, 10/12] (17)
“I’ve Got An App For That”
“Catz Of The Colosseum”
45: “Lay Down, Lay Low,” The Steel Wheels [, 1/12] (17)
“Breaking Like The Sun”
“Spider Wings”
45: “Resurrection Day,” Kim And Reggie Harris [Appleseed, new] (17)
“Do What I Have To Do”
“Straighten ’em”
45: “Seinn,” Mary Jane Lamond And Wendy MacIsaac [Factor, 9/12] (17)
“Yellow Coat”
45: “Then There’s Me,” Michael Reno Harrell [Dancing Bear, 8/12] (17)
“Too Late Lounge”
45: “Vicksburg Blues,” Butch Thompson And Pat Donohue [Red House, 8/12] (17)
“How Long Blues”
“Midnight Hour Blues”
51: “Depending On The Distance,” Jimmy LaFave [Music Road, 9/12] (16)
“Land Of Hope And Dreams”
51: “Road To Red Point,” Hat Check Girl [Waterbug, 11/12] (16)
“Cape Rouge”
“Under Those Trees”
51: “Small Braveries,” Carey Creed [Azalea City, 9/12] (16)
“Great Unknown”
51: “Voices From The Other Side,” Sandy Cash [Self, 8/12] (16)
“Gilad’s Guitar”
“Banks Of Freedom”
55: “Carry Me Back,” Old Crow Medicine Show [ATO, 7/12] (15)
“Ain’t It Enough”
55: “Letters From The Road,” Neptune’s Car [, 7/12] (15)
“Flashing In The Dark”
55: “Shel,” Shel [Moraine, 8/12] (15)
“Lost At Sea”
55: “Thanksgiving,” Si Kahn [Strictly Country, 2007] (15)
55: “We’re Usually A Lot Better Than This,” Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott [Full Light, 10/12] (15)
“Climbing Up A Mountain”
“Long Time Gone”
60: “America Come Home,” Joel Rafael [Inside, 7/12] (14)
“Runaway Girl”
60: “Circus Heart,” Rebecca Loebe [Black Wolf, 9/12] (14)
“Swallowed By The Sea”
60: “Election Special,” Ry Cooder [Nonesuch, 8/12] (14)
“Mutt Romney Blues”
“Brother Is Gone”
60: “Gravity,” Moors & McCumber [, 5/12] (14)
“Leaving For Cobh”
60: “The Hills Of Ithaca,” The Burns Sisters [Sisters, 7/12] (14)
“The Hills Of Ithaca”
60: “Home,” Shawn Taylor [Trespass, 10/12] (14)
“Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You”
60: “Hundred Dollar Valentine,” Chris Smither [Signature, 6/12] (14)
“What They Say”
60: “I Am Going To The West,” John Lowell [Self, new] (14)
60: “In The Lobby,” Billy Bratcher [Cow Island, new] (14)
“This Hotel Room”
60: “A More Perfect Union,” Pete Seeger And Lorre Wyatt [Appleseed, 9/12] (14)
“God’s Counting On Me, God’s Counting On You”
“Keep The Flame Alive”
60: “Road Into Town,” Dan Paisley And The Southern Grass [Patuxent, new] (14)
“Road Into Town”
60: “Waves,” Milkdrive [, 6/12] (14)
“Tom’s Ranch”
“Dear Prudence”

Top Songs of November 2012

1. “Grandma’s Rules For Drinking” (16)
by Annie Lou
from “Grandma’s Rules For Drinking”
2. “Early Snow” (15)
by Anne Hills
from “The Things I Notice Now: Anne Hills Sings the Songs of Tom Paxton”
3. “Our Lady Of The Tall Trees” (13)
by Cahalen Morrison And Eli West
from “Our Lady Of The Tall Trees”
3. “Thanksgiving” (13)
by Si Kahn
from “Thanksgiving”
5. “Plaid Parade” (12)
by Annie Lou
from “Grandma’s Rules For Drinking”
6. “False Sir John” (11)
by Annalivia
from “The Same Way Down”
6. “Go On Ahead And Go Home” (11)
by Iris DeMent
from “Sing The Delta”
6. “Jonah And The Whale” (11)
by Old Man Luedecke
from “Tender Is The Night”
6. “Kingdom Come” (11)
by Old Man Luedecke
from “Tender Is The Night”
6. “Vote” (11)
by Spook Handy
from “Breakfast At Bill’s”
6. “What We Lost” (11)
by Ben Bedford
from “What We Lost”
12. “Mama’s Opry” (10)
by Chris Brashear
from “Heart Of The Country”
12. “Time The Perfect Stranger” (10)
by Chris Brashear
from “Heart Of The Country”
14. “Best Of Your Heart” (9)
by Jory Nash
from “Little Pilgrim”
14. “Dream In Blue” (9)
by The Stray Birds
from “The Stray Birds”
14. “For What It’s Worth” (9)
by Ronstadt Generations
from “Prelude”
14. “I’m Looking Through You” (9)
by Lucy Kaplansky
from “Reunion”
14. “Starboard” (9)
by Nels Andrews
from “Scrimshaw”
14. “There’s A Whole Lotta Heaven” (9)
by Iris DeMent
from “Sing The Delta”
14. “Turtle Dove” (9)
by Annalivia
from “The Same Way Down”
21. “Arkansas” (8)
by Sons Of The Never Wrong
from “King Fisher King”
21. “Blue Monday” (8)
by Todd Burge
from “Building Characters”
21. “Gone, Gonna Rise Again” (8)
by Kathy Mattea
from “Calling Me Home”
21. “Home Sweet Home” (8)
by Amy White
from “Home Sweet Home”
21. “I’ve Got An App For That” (8)
by Jon Vezner
from “Catz Of The Colosseum”
21. “Old Pueblo” (8)
by Chris Brashear
from “Heart Of The Country”
21. “Scavenger” (8)
by Lucy Kaplansky
from “Reunion”
21. “Thanksgiving Eve” (8)
by Bob Franke
from “In This Night”
also “The Other Evening In Chicago”
21. “This Morning I Am Born Again” (8)
by Lucy Kaplansky
from “Reunion”