Folk harmony trio Brother Sun’s sophomore release, Some Part of the Truth, was the the most-played album on folk radio during April 2013, as it was in March. The Steel Wheels’ “Go Up To That Mountain,” from the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountain’s-based string band’s album No More Rain, was the most-played song, according to charts compiled by Richard Gillmann from radio playlists submitted to FOLKDJ-L, an electronic discussion group for DJs and others interested in all folk-based music on the radio.

The April 2013 FOLKDJ-L charts are based on 14,664 airplays from 144 different DJs. The number of reported spins (airplays) is shown in parentheses, while label and release dates appear in brackets. They are posted, with permission, on

Top Albums of April 2013

Brother Sun Some Part of the Truth

1: “Some Part Of The Truth,” Brother Sun [, 2/13] (91)
“Lady Of The Harbor”
“These Hands”
“In The Name Of Love”
“Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy”
2: “No More Rain,” The Steel Wheels [, new] (81)
“Go Up To That Mountain”
“Walk Away”
“Until The Summer Comes”
3: “The Light Still Burns,” Lauren Sheehan [Wilson River, new] (72)
“Hard Times”
“I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate”
“Bearcat Blues”
“Home On The Range”
4: “Walk Along John,” John Reischman [Corvus, new] (62)
“Itzbin Reel”
“Walk Along John To Kansas”
“Deadly Fox”
5: “In The Time Of Gods,” Dar Williams [Razor & Tie, 4/12] (61)
“I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything”
“Storm King”
“Summer Child”
“Light And The Sea”
6: “Love Has Come For You,” Steve Martin And Edie Brickell [Rounder, 4/13] (60)
“When You Get To Asheville”
“Get Along Stray Dog”
“Love Has Come For You”
7: “Banjo Babes,” Various Artists [Wepecket Island, 10/12] (55)
“Precious Days,” Evie Ladin
“When I Go To West Virginia,” Aubrey Atwater
“Rappin’ Shady Grove,” Kaia Kater
“Little Orchid,” Hilary Hawke
8: “Long Gone Out West Blues,” Pharis And Jason Romero [Lula, 2/13] (54)
“Long Gone Out West Blues”
“Come On Home”
“Wild Bill Jones”
9: “Little Boat,” Rita Hosking [, 2/13] (53)
“Parting Glass”
“Sierra Bound”
“5 Star Location”
“Blow Northwest Wind”
10: “How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat,” Amy Speace [Windbone, new] (48)
“Fortunate Ones”
“Sea And The Shore”
“How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat”
11: “Yes Please,” The Bills [Red House, 8/12] (44)
“Hallowed Hall”
“Plant Song”
“Blackberry, Ivy And Broom”
12: “Rabbits Motel,” Woody Pines [, new] (41)
“Train That Carried My Gal From Town”
“Like I Do”
“Keep Your Hands Off”
13: “Next Time Around,” Darryl Purpose [Blue Rock, 10/12] (39)
“Dreams Of Life”
“Girl From Golden”
“Next Time Around”
14: “They Called It Music,” The Gibson Brothers [Compass, 3/13] (38)
“They Called It Music”
“Buy A Ring, Find A Preacher”
“Darker The Night, The Better I See”
15: “Bright Like Gold,” April Verch [Slab Town, new] (36)
“Only One”
16: “The Stray Birds,” The Stray Birds [, 9/12] (35)
“Just Sayin”
“Dream In Blue”
“My Brother’s Hill”
17: “Everything Is Moving,” Laura Smith [Borealis, new] (34)
“Lonely Waterloo”
“What Goes Around”
“Horses And Plough”
17: “Honey Man,” Hey Mavis [Stellada, 2/13] (34)
“Let The Water Do The Work”
“Honey Man”
“Say Hello To Paris”
17: “Tooth & Nail,” Billy Bragg [Cooking Vinyl, 3/13] (34)
“Do Unto Others”
“Handyman Blues”
“I Ain’t Got No Home”
20: “The Low Highway,” Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses) [New West, 4/13] (33)
“Love’s Gonna Blow My Way”
“The Low Highway”
“Warren Hellman’s Banjo”
20: “Old Yellow Moon,” Emmylou Harris And Rodney Crowell [Nonesuch, 2/13] (33)
“Black Caffeine”
“Bluebird Wine”
“Hanging Up My Heart”
20: “Wishing Well,” Hans Theessink [Blue Groove, new] (33)
“New Home Upon The Hill”
“Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor”
23: “Carnival,” Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line [Blue Pig, 4/13] (32)
“Travelin’ On”
“Jack Of Diamonds”
23: “So Say We All,” David Francey [Laker, new] (32)
“Long Long Road”
“Pandora’s Box”
25: “Child Ballads,” Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer [Wilderland, 3/13] (30)
“Riddles Wisely Expounded”
“Willie Of Winsbury”
“Clyde Waters”
25: “Coyote Wings,” Zoe Mulford [Azalea City, 1/13] (30)
“Sister, Sail”
“Coyote Wings”
25: “Things Are Coming My Way,” Marcy Marxer [Community, 1/13] (30)
“It’s The Girl”
“Angeline The Baker”
25: “Transistor Corazon,” Melissa Greener [Anima, 3/13] (30)
“That’s What Makes You Strong”
“Transistor Corazon”
29: “Carved Wood Box,” Cal Scott [Tamarack, 12/12] (29)
“Carved Wood Box”
“London Town”
29: “Folk Songs For Climate Justice,” Various Artists [Climate Justice, new] (29)
“Bidder 70,” Otter Creek
“Dandelions,” Ann Kelly
“Petroleum People,” Dana Hubbard
31: “Let’s Face The Music And Dance,” Willie Nelson And Family [Legacy, new] (28)
“Let’s Face The Music And Dance”
32: “The Comeback Album,” Eric Brace And Peter Cooper [Red Beet, new] (27)
“Ancient History”
“Kissing Booth”
32: “Howl,” Howlin’ Brothers [Readymade, 3/13] (27)
“Julia Belle Swain”
32: “Take This Song With You,” Maya And The Ruins [, 9/12] (27)
“Train Whistle Blues”
“Bootlegger’s Blues”
“Let Me In”
35: “No Man’s Land,” Yvette Landry [, new] (26)
“3 Chords And A Bottle”
“Dog House Blues”
“I’d Love To Lay You Down”
35: “Wild Bill Jones,” The Quiet American [, 1/13] (26)
“Gallows Pole”
“John Brown’s Dream”
37: “The Ash & Clay,” The Milk Carton Kids [Anti, 3/13] (25)
“Hope Of A Lifetime”
“Honey Honey”
“Ash And Clay”
37: “Room Enough For All,” Battlefield Band [Temple, 3/13] (25)
“Farewell To Indiana”
“8 Men Of Moidart”
37: “These Wilder Things,” Ruth Moody [Cdn – Wpg, new] (25)
“Trouble And Woe”
“Dancing In The Dark”
40: “Live At Blue Rock,” Mary Gauthier [Proper, 10/12] (24)
“Cigarette Machine”
“I Drink”
“Wheel Inside The Wheel”
40: “Threshold,” Karine Polwart [Borealis, 2/13] (24)
“Rivers Run”
“Take Its Own Time”
40: “Up Like The Clouds,” Dubl Handi [, 1/13] (24)
“Shout Little Lula”
43: “Jewels And Harmony,” Mara Levine [, 1/13] (23)
“April Come She Will”
“Nancy Cassidy’s Hallelujah”
43: “Riddles & Rhymes,” Pepper Proud [, 11/12] (23)
“Fishing Girl”
43: “Tongues In Trees,” Dan Berggren [Sleeping Giant, new] (23)
“Birch Are Sopranos”
“Black River Canal”
46: “Ash And Bone,” Dan Weber [8 Ball, 7/12] (20)
“Hank And Jesus”
“Wishin’s Just For Fools”
46: “Goodnight Moonshine,” Molly Venter And Eben Pariser [, 2/13] (20)
“Work I Done”
“Dark Side Of The Rainbow”
46: “Hammer Down,” The Steeldrivers [Rounder, 2/13] (20)
“I’ll Be There”
“Shallow Grave”
46: “Honky Tonk,” Son Volt [Rounder, 3/13] (20)
“Hearts And Minds”
“Angel Of The Blues”
46: “The Music Is You: A Tribute To John Denver,” Various Artists [ATO, new] (20)
“Back Home Again,” Old Crow Medicine Show
“Some Days Are Diamonds,” Amos Lee
46: “Way To Blue: The Songs Of Nick Drake,” Various Artists [Story Sound, new] (20)
“Black Eyed Dog,” Lisa Hannigan
“Pink Moon,” Teddy Thompson And Krystal Warren
46: “Wood And Wire,” Wood And Wire [, 3/13] (20)
“Rambler’s Blues”
“Brand New Day”
53: “Brothers Of The Highway,” Dailey And Vincent [Rounder, new] (19)
“Steel Drivin’ Man”
53: “From Bamako To Carencro,” Beausoleil avec Michael Doucet [Compass, 2/12] (19)
“Chanson De Cinquante Sous”
“2-Step De Port Arthur”
53: “Jack Of All Trades,” Steve Chizmadia [Jack Of All Trades, 2/13] (19)
“Memphis Girl”
“Song For Pete”
53: “Our Lady Of The Tall Trees,” Cahalen Morrison And Eli West [, 9/12] (19)
“Lady Does Not Often Falter”
“Stone To Sand”
53: “Singing In My Soul,” Lisa Biales [Big Song, new] (19)
“Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me”
58: “Electric,” Richard Thompson [New West, 2/13] (18)
“Salford Sunday”
“Saving The Good Stuff For You”
58: “Words Like Yours,” Lily Henley [Self, 10/12] (18)
“2 Birds”
60: “Ancient And Unending,” Fisher And Ronstadt [Soundstage, 2/13] (17)
“Ancient And Unending”
“Last Time I Saw Home”
60: “Angels Without Wings,” Heidi Talbot [Compass, 1/13] (17)
“Button Up”
“New Cajun Waltz”
60: “Time,” Kathy Kallick Band [Live Oak, 8/12] (17)
“Long Time Travelin”
63: “American Kid,” Patty Griffin [New West, new] (16)
“Go Wherever You Wanna Go”
63: “Celtic Airs & Reflective Melodies,” Various Artists [Greentrax, new] (16)
“Wendel’s Wedding,” Whistlebinkies
63: “Song Of Joy,” Nancy Cassidy [Twitter Twatter, new] (16)
“Song Of Joy”
66: “The Back Forty,” Marty Raybon & Full Circle [Rural Rhythm, new] (15)
“That Janie Baker”
66: “Distant Lights,” Pine Hearts [Self, 1/13] (15)
“Don’t Let The Stars Bring You Down”
66: “Give Me All You Got,” Carrie Rodriguez [Ninth Street Opus, 1/13] (15)
“Devil In Mind”
“Sad Joy”
66: “On The Edge,” Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen [Compass, new] (15)
“Day To Day”
66: “Ordinary Cats,” Jon Shain [Flyin’, 2/13] (15)
“Ordinary Cats”
66: “Pickin’ Like A Girl,” Daughters Of Bluegrass [Blue Circle, 1/13] (15)
“Get In The Boat”

Top Songs of April 2013

1. “Go Up To That Mountain” (21)
by The Steel Wheels
from “No More Rain”
2. “I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything” (19)
by Dar Williams
from “In The Time Of Gods”
2. “Walk Away” (19)
by The Steel Wheels
from “No More Rain”
4. “Lady Of The Harbor” (17)
by Brother Sun
from “Some Part Of The Truth”
5. “When You Get To Asheville” (16)
by Steve Martin And Edie Brickell
from “Love Has Come For You”
6. “Itzbin Reel” (15)
by John Reischman
from “Walk Along John”
7. “Fortunate Ones” (14)
by Amy Speace
from “How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat”
7. “Hard Times” (14)
by Lauren Sheehan
from “The Light Still Burns”
7. “Train That Carried My Gal From Town” (14)
by Woody Pines
from “Rabbit’s Motel”
10. “Hallowed Hall” (13)
by The Bills
from “Yes Please”
10. “Storm King” (13)
by Dar Williams
from “In The Time Of Gods”
12. “In The Name Of Love” (12)
by Brother Sun
from “Some Part Of The Truth”
12. “Sierra Bound” (12)
by Rita Hosking
from “Little Boat”
14. “5 Star Location” (11)
by Rita Hosking
from “Little Boat”
14. “Carved Wood Box” (11)
by Cal Scott
from “Carved Wood Box”
14. “I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate” (11)
by Lauren Sheehan
from “The Light Still Burns”
14. “Let The Water Do The Work” (11)
by Hey Mavis
from “Honey Man”
14. “Long Gone Out West Blues” (11)
by Pharis And Jason Romero
from “Long Gone Out West Blues”
14. “Love Has Come For You” (11)
by Steve Martin And Edie Brickell
from “Love Has Come For You”
14. “Parting Glass” (11)
by Rita Hosking
from “Little Boat”
14. “These Hands” (11)
by Brother Sun
from “Some Part Of The Truth”
14. “Walk Along John To Kansas” (11)
by John Reischman
from “Walk Along John”
23. “Back Home Again” (10)
by Old Crow Medicine Show
from “Music Is You: A Tribute To”
23. “Like I Do” (10)
by Woody Pines
from “Rabbits Motel”
23. “Race” (10)
by The Steel Wheels
from “No More Rain”
23. “They Called It Music” (10)
by The Gibson Brothers
from “They Called It Music”