David Francey, one of Canada’s most revered singer-songwriters, had both the most-played album (So Say We All) and song (“Rain”) on folk radio during May 2013, according to charts compiled by Richard Gillmann from radio playlists submitted to FOLKDJ-L, an electronic discussion group for DJs and others interested in all folk-based music on the radio. The Boxcar Lilies, a western Massachusetts-based Americana harmony trio, had both the #2 album (Sugar Shack) and song (“Lightnin'”).

The May 2013 FOLKDJ-L charts are based on 12,615 airplays from 137 different DJs. The number of reported spins (airplays) is shown in parentheses, while label and release dates appear in brackets. They are posted, with permission, on AcousticMusicScene.com.

Top Albums of May 2013

David Francey so Say We All cover

1: “So Say We All,” David Francey [Red House, 5/13] (88)
“Cheap Motel”
“Pandora’s Box”
“Blue Skies”
2: “Sugar Shack,” The Boxcar Lilies [boxcarlilies.com, new] (80)
“If I Needed You”
“6 Ways To Sunday”
“That Lonesome Road”
3: “Some Part Of The Truth,” Brother Sun [brothersunmusic.com, 2/13] (66)
“I Ain’t Got No Home”
“In The Name Of Love”
“Lady Of The Harbor”
“House That Jack Built”
4: “No More Rain,” The Steel Wheels [thesteelwheels.com, 4/13] (64)
“Go Up To That Mountain”
“Walk Away”
“Waters Edge”
5: “These Wilder Things,” Ruth Moody [Red House, 5/13] (63)
“Dancing In The Dark”
“Trouble And Woe”
“One Light Shining”
6: “Banjo Babes,” Various Artists [Wepecket Island, 10/12] (62)
“Boatman,” Dale Robin Goodman
“I Love My Honey,” Evie Ladin
“Precious Days,” Evie Ladin
“Rappin’ Shady Grove,” Kaia Kater
7: “Into The Dark,” Laura Cortese [lauracortese.net, new] (55)
“For Catherine”
“Life Is Good Blues”
“Heel To Toe”
“Into The Dark”
8: “The Light Still Burns,” Lauren Sheehan [Wilson River, 4/13] (49)
“C Medley”
“I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate”
“Bearcat Blues”
“Soldier’s Joy”
9: “Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World,” Chip Taylor [Train Wreck, new] (47)
“Pretty Good Order”
“Better Put My Glasses On”
“Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World”
9: “Love Has Come For You,” Steve Martin And Edie Brickell [Rounder, 4/13] (47)
“When You Get To Asheville”
“Sun’s Gonna Shine”
“Friend Of Mine”
9: “The Old School,” Peter Rowan [Compass, 4/13] (47)
“Keepin’ It Between The Lines”
“That’s All She Wrote”
“Doc Watson Morning”
12: “Goodnight Moonshine,” Molly Venter And Eben Pariser [myspace.com/mollyventer, 2/13] (46)
“Willow Tree”
“Walking After Midnight”
“End Of The World Blues”
13: “How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat,” Amy Speace [Windbone, 4/13] (45)
“Sea And The Shore”
“Fortunate Ones”
“Feathers And Wishbones”
14: “The Comeback Album,” Eric Brace And Peter Cooper [Red Beet, 4/13] (41)
“Ancient History”
“Ponzi Scheme”
14: “Texodus,” Dylan Sneed [myspace.com/dylansneed, new] (41)
“Girls Just Want To Have Fun”
16: “Walk Along John,” John Reischman [Corvus, 4/13] (39)
“Itzbin Reel”
“Deadly Fox”
“Walk Along John To Kansas”
17: “American Kid,” Patty Griffin [New West, 5/13] (37)
“Go Wherever You Wanna Go”
“Don’t Let Me Die In Florida”
“Mom And Dad’s Waltz”
17: “Yes Please,” The Bills [Red House, 8/12] (37)
“Gale In My Sail”
“Hallowed Hall”
“Shining Face”
19: “Brothers Of The Highway,” Dailey And Vincent [Rounder, 5/13] (34)
“Tomorrow I’ll Be Gone”
“Back To Jackson County”
“Brothers Of The Highway”
19: “Long Gone Out West Blues,” Pharis And Jason Romero [Lula, 2/13] (34)
“Waiting For The Evening Mail”
“Long Gone Out West Blues”
“Come On Home”
21: “Magdalene,” Karyn Oliver [Buxom County, new] (33)
“Slip Away With Me”
22: “Northern Lights,” Matt Stone [mattfolkmuse.com, 3/13] (32)
“Brown Dog”
“Sweet Barcelona”
22: “Spirityouall,” Bobby McFerrin [Sony, new] (32)
“I Shall Be Released”
24: “The Beautiful Old: Turn-of-the-Century Songs,” Various Artists [Doubloon, new] (29)
“Band Played On,” Richard Thompson And Christine Collister
“Silver Dagger,” Jolie Goodnight
24: “Same Old Heart,” Buffy Ford Stewart [Global, 1/13] (29)
“Daydream Believer”
“Same Old Heart”
“Snakes Of Nuevo Laredo”
24: “The Stray Birds,” The Stray Birds [thestraybirds.com, 9/12] (29)
“Dream In Blue”
“25 To Life”
27: “Carved Wood Box,” Cal Scott [Tamarack, 12/12] (27)
“Carved Wood Box”
“Jimmy’s Waltz”
27: “The Heart’s Swift Foot,” Red Tail Ring [Earthwork, new] (27)
“Ohio Turnpike”
“My Heart’s Own Love”
“Dirt Triangle”
27: “Traces,” Karine Polwart [Borealis, 8/12] (27)
“Don’t Worry”
“King Of Birds”
27: “Wishing Well,” Hans Theessink [Blue Groove, 4/13] (27)
“Snowin’ On Raton”
“Wayfaring Stranger”
31: “Live At Blue Rock,” Mary Gauthier [Proper, 10/12] (26)
“Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars”
“Sugar Cane”
“I Drink”
32: “In The Time Of Gods,” Dar Williams [Razor & Tie, 4/12] (25)
“Summer Child”
“Write This Number Down”
33: “Bright Like Gold,” April Verch [Slab Town, 4/13] (24)
“Raven In The Hemlock”
“Sandy River Belle”
33: “Hayseed,” Susan Werner [30 Tigers, new] (24)
“Back To The Land”
“City Kids”
33: “House And Garden,” Nell Robinson And Jim Nunally [Self, new] (24)
“Life In The Garden”
“Old Old House”
33: “Little Boat,” Rita Hosking [ritahosking.com, 2/13] (24)
“Parting Glass”
“Nothing Left Of Me”
“Sierra Bound”
37: “Carry Me Home,” The Dustbowl Revival [Self, 4/13] (23)
“John The Revelator”
“New River Train”
38: “Child Ballads,” Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer [Wilderland, 3/13] (21)
“Willie’s Lady”
“Clyde Waters”
38: “Let’s Face The Music And Dance,” Willie Nelson And Family [Legacy, 4/13] (21)
“Let’s Face The Music And Dance”
“South Of The Border”
38: “Next Time Around,” Darryl Purpose [Blue Rock, 10/12] (21)
“Dreams Of Life”
“Girl From Golden”
41: “This World Oft Can Be,” Della Mae [Rounder, new] (20)
“Letter From Down The Road”
“Ain’t No Ash Will Burn”
42: “Honey Man,” Hey Mavis [Stellada, 2/13] (19)
“Let The Water Do The Work”
“Honey Man”
“Say Hello To Paris”
42: “Old Yellow Moon,” Emmylou Harris And Rodney Crowell [Nonesuch, 2/13] (19)
“Hanging Up My Heart”
“Bluebird Wine”
42: “Reunion,” Lucy Kaplansky [Red House, 9/12] (19)
“Mother’s Day”
45: “The Ash & Clay,” The Milk Carton Kids [Anti, 3/13] (18)
“Hope Of A Lifetime”
“Honey, Honey”
45: “Carnival,” Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line [Blue Pig, 4/13] (18)
“Jack Of Diamonds”
“Party Line”
45: “Coyote Wings,” Zoe Mulford [Azalea City, 1/13] (18)
“Pocket Fulla Quarters”
“Sister, Sail”
“When The Coffee’s All Gone”
45: “The Low Highway,” Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Duchesses) [New West, 4/13] (18)
“Love’s Gonna Blow My Way”
“After Mardi Gras”
45: “Runaway Freeway Blues,” Black Lillies [North Knox, 3/13] (18)
“Ramblin’ Boy”
45: “Singing In My Soul,” Lisa Biales [Big Song, 4/13] (18)
“Strange Things Happening Every Day”
“Write Me In Care Of The Blues”
45: “They Called It Music,” The Gibson Brothers [Compass, 3/13] (18)
“Dying For Someone To Live For”
45: “Thorn In My Heart,” Kim Richey [Yep Roc, new] (18)
“Breakaway Speed”
“Come On”
“Thorn In My Heart”
45: “Threshold,” Karine Polwart [Borealis, 2/13] (18)
“Rivers Run”
45: “Words Like Yours,” Lily Henley [Self, 10/12] (18)
“2 Birds”
“Her Song”
55: “Everything Is Moving,” Laura Smith [Borealis, 4/13] (17)
“Magdalen McGillivray”
“Horses And Plough”
55: “Memory Wall,” Buddy Mondlock [Sparking Gap, new] (17)
“Holes You Leave”
“Canary’s Song”
55: “On The Edge,” Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen [Compass, 4/13] (17)
“On The Edge Of Letting Go”
55: “Room Enough For All,” Battlefield Band [Temple, 3/13] (17)
“Farewell To Indiana”
“Hairy Angler Fish”
55: “The South Wind,” Jed Marum [Boston Road, 3/13] (17)
“Elkhorn Tavern”
“Minstrel Boy”
60: “Against The Grain,” Moors And McCumber [Self, new] (16)
“Love And War”
“Slan Abhaile”
61: “Bright Sunny South,” Sam Amidon [Nonesuch, new] (15)
“Bright Sunny South”
“My Old Friend”
61: “Jack Of All Trades,” Steve Chizmadia [Jack Of All Trades, 2/13] (15)
“Memphis Girl”
“Song For Pete”
61: “Take This Song With You,” Maya And The Ruins [mayaandtheruins.bandcamp.com, 9/12] (15)
61: “What We Lost,” Ben Bedford [Waterbug, 9/12] (15)
“John The Baptist”
“What We Lost”
61: “Wild Bill Jones,” The Quiet American [quietamericanmusic.com, 1/13] (15)
“Apple In The Fall”
“Gallows Pole”
66: “Building Bridges,” Snyder Family Band [Mountain Roads Recordings, new] (14)
“Blockade Runner”
“Old Timer”
66: “Mother, Queen Of My Heart,” Various Artists [Sugar Hill, 2002] (14)
“Sweetest Gift,” Linda Ronstadt And Emmylou Harris
66: “Rabbits Motel,” Woody Pines [woodypines.com, 4/13] (14)
“Train That Carried My Gal From Town”
“Keep Your Hands Off Her”
66: “Sing The Delta,” Iris DeMent [Flariella, 10/12] (14)
“Mama Was Always Tellin’ Her Truth”
66: “So Sang The Whippoorwill,” Run Boy Run [Self, 3/13] (14)
“So Sang The Whippoorwill”
66: “Things Are Coming My Way,” Marcy Marxer [Community, 1/13] (14)
“Things Are Coming My Way”
66: “Transistor Corazon,” Melissa Greener [Anima, 3/13] (14)
“Ghost In The Van”
“Mess Love Made”
66: “Way To Blue: The Songs Of Nick Drake,” Various Artists [Story Sound, 4/13] (14)
“Pink Moon,” Teddy Thompson And Krystle Warren

Top Songs of May 2013

The Boxcar Lilies

The Boxcar Lilies

1. “Rain” (22)
by David Francey
from “So Say We All”
2. “Lightnin” (18)
by The Boxcar Lilies
from “Sugar Shack”
3. “Dancing In The Dark” (17)
by Ruth Moody
from “These Wilder Things”
4. “If I Needed You” (15)
by The Boxcar Lilies
from “Sugar Shack”
5. “One Light Shining” (14)
by Ruth Moody
from “These Wilder Things”
5. “Trouble And Woe” (14)
by Ruth Moody
from “These Wilder Things”
7. “Go Up To That Mountain” (13)
by The Steel Wheels
from “No More Rain”
7. “Keepin’ It Between The Lines” (13)
by Peter Rowan
from “The Old School”
7. “Sea And The Shore” (13)
by Amy Speace
from “How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat”
10. “Cheap Motel” (12)
by David Francey
from “So Say We All”
10. “For Catherine” (12)
by Laura Cortese
from “Into The Dark”
10. “When You Get To Asheville” (12)
by Steve Martin And Edie Brickell
from “Love Has Come For You”
13. “Go Wherever You Wanna Go” (11)
by Patty Griffin
from “American Kid”
13. “Hope Of A Lifetime” (11)
by The Milk Carton Kids
from “The Ash & Clay”
13. “Pandora’s Box” (11)
by David Francey
from “So Say We All”
13. “Texodus” (11)
by Dylan Sneed
from “Texodus”
17. “Ancient History” (10)
by Eric Brace And Peter Cooper
from “The Comeback Album”
17. “Band Played On” (10)
by Richard Thompson And Christine Collister
from “The Beautiful Old: Turn-of-the-Century Songs”
17. “Boatman” (10)
by Dale Robin Goodman
from “Banjo Babes”
17. “Daydream Believer” (10)
by Buffy Ford Stewart
from “Same Old Heart”
17. “Magdalene” (10)
by Karyn Oliver
from “Magdalene”
17. “Parting Glass” (10)
by Rita Hosking
from “Little Boat”
17. “Willow Tree” (10)
by Molly Venter And Eben Pariser
from “Goodnight Moonshine”
24. “6 Ways To Sunday” (9)
by The Boxcar Lilies
from “Sugar Shack”
24. “Carved Wood Box” (9)
by Cal Scott
from “Carved Wood Box”
24. “Fortunate Ones” (9)
by Amy Speace
from “How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat”
24. “Here Comes The Sun” (9)
by Richie Havens
from “Alarm Clock”
24. “I Ain’t Got No Home” (9)
by Brother Sun
from “Some Part Of The Truth”
24. “Joshua” (9)
by Bobby McFerrin
from “Spirityouall”
24. “Life Is Good Blues” (9)
by Laura Cortese
from “Into The Dark”
24. “That Lonesome Road” (9)
by The Boxcar Lilies
from “Sugar Shack”
24. “Walk Away” (9)
by The Steel Wheels
from “No More Rain”
24. “Waters Edge” (9)
by The Steel Wheels
from “No More Rain”